Recent Article: A Brief History of Student Housing and a Look at the Future

From Student  Housing Business Journal, March/April 2015

Student housing continues to play an important role in the academic and personal success of students. This was not always the case. There was a time when housing was simply a place for students to sleep with little regard to their personal development. Throughout the past several generations and looking toward the upcoming generation, the role student housing, and the way it is conceived and developed, has evolved. The following provides an overview of how student housing has changed over time, and what can be expected as the next generation starts attending institutions of higher education.

Prior to World War II, most colleges and universities provided little in the way of purpose built student housing, with a minimal amount of housing available for female students in a safe environment. Men from outside the immediate area sought housing with faculty, families or in boarding houses. Even today, many college towns have ordinances in place governing boarding houses left over from that era. However, during WWII the number of women attending institutions of higher education increased as did student housing on many campuses.

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