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Recent Article: What’s On My Mind: Amenitizing vs. Academinizing

From Student  Housing Business Journal, November/December 2013 I had the recent pleasure of attending the Interface On-Campus Student Housing Conference in Orlando.  The dialogues that took place between developers, institutions and architects were rich with ideas. One of the ideas that was batted around was ‘amenitizing’ vs. ‘academinizing’ (hard word to pronounce, I know).  I[…]


COAKLEY AND COLLEAGUES ANNOUNCES STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP Consulting Firm to Work with Inland American Communities to Develop New Campus Housing Projects.   Coakley and Colleagues INC, a higher education consulting firm, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Inland American Communities Group (IACG, Dallas, TX).  Inland American Communities, a wholly owned subsidiary of Inland American[…]

Recent Article: BASH

From Student Housing Bisnow 400 joined us in beautiful Philadelphia this week for Bisnow’s annual student housing conference (BASH)—a two-day summit—to hear panelists from nine universities and the three largest student housing REITs, among top developers and financiers.   Arizona State University’s Michael Coakley (center) says the 21st Century Project (led by the Association of College and University Housing Officers International) is looking into bonding[…]

Recent Article: Campus Consultant

This article originally appeared in Student Housing Business, May/June 2012. (c) 2012 France Media, Inc. Student Housing Business recently interviewed Michael Coakley, associate vice president and executive director of housing for Arizona State University. When SHB last spoke with Coakley in 2010, he was busy planning for additions to several of ASU’s campuses to achieve the[…]